A Quick Windows Maintenance Checklist

Regularly (every 1-3 days)

  1. Clean program caches, system caches and temporary files
  2. Complete a virus scan
  3. Perform backups of important files, or even your whole system
  4. Check for Windows updates

Less regularly (once or twice a fortnight)

  1. Run defrag tools on your hard drives
  2. Complete a full system virus scan
  3. Review that backups (if any) are complete and working
  4. Check for GFX drivers updates (If you game alot)

Least regular (once or twice a month)

  1. Review system update and automatic defrag scheduling
  2. Review system startup programs (disable if used only occasionally)
  3. Check important hardware drivers for newer versions
  4. Perform a check disk for hard drive errors
  5. Remove old or redundant software
  6. Review Windows firewall rules and remove unneeded or unused entries

I try hard to stick to this guide; it keeps you on top of removing redundant or unnecessary files/programs and helps your computer running well. This also helps to make sure that automatic scheduling is right and fits around your computer activities. Most of the jobs are easy to do too, and each step gets quicker after the first time you complete them!

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