Have you been compromised?

If you ever wanted check if your login email/username credentials have ever been hacked or breached, you might be in luck! (or unluck in some cases…) haveibeenpwned.com is a website that will check against known data-breaches from many major websites, or “pastes” from hackers who have compromised data and pasted the credentials publicly.It will also… Continue reading Have you been compromised?

Adding desktop shortcuts in Ubuntu 18.04

I like having my desktop filled with shortcuts to programs that I regularly use. In Ubuntu 18.04, there is a lack of a “right click > add shortcut to desktop” option. If you are missing this option too, don’t fret! There is another way to do just that. In the Terminal, navigate to: /usr/share/applications/ If… Continue reading Adding desktop shortcuts in Ubuntu 18.04

Changing Pagefile (Virtual Memory) settings in Windows 10

The Pagefile is a file used by Windows that is kept on the hard-drive. Pagefile is also known as Virtual Memory. It acts as an additional cache for things that might be kept in RAM, but stored this way because either RAM is too full or the data might be needed to made persistent. If… Continue reading Changing Pagefile (Virtual Memory) settings in Windows 10

CS50x – End result

I finished the 2017 CS50x course! Although yet to receive my certificate, everything has been handed over with straight 100% grades all the way through. What has it been like? It has been tough. At times, really tough. The most frustrating bits are working on something… And fiddling with a few lines of code to… Continue reading CS50x – End result

Brain Missclicks – Choose the right path

As a work-in-progress programmer, I have produced some really stupid mistakes that has taken way too long to rectify. This time, it’s file manipulation. Messing around with some mined data, I decided to neatly modify and place it (the data) in descriptive files for more managability and control. My specification was to include in the… Continue reading Brain Missclicks – Choose the right path