Ryzen Master causing instability

Through some rigorous troubleshooting steps on a Ryzen 1700x recently, I have discovered that Ryzen Master was the cause of instability. I am unable to rule out the suggestion that RAM compatibility might be part of the issue, however many symptoms have been fixed after removing Ryzen Master from the system. Symptoms Stuttering/Choppiness during games… Continue reading Ryzen Master causing instability

AMD Drivers and Firmware

After wasting a large amount of time on a recent problem detailed on this extensive blog post, I am unhappy about the way AMD drops driver packages. This post will try to highlight some of the peculiar issues that I have noticed during this endless battle to stop BSOD’s happening to my shiney new Ryzen… Continue reading AMD Drivers and Firmware

Ubuntu : Desktop Shortcuts

If you have ever wondered how to add desktop shortcuts to Ubuntu, fret no more! Whenever I use Ubuntu, it is normally through command line. But recently, I have been using Ubuntu 16.04 Desktop in a VirtualBox container, almost solely as a C IDE. I’ve never really understood the workings of the GUI (properly) and… Continue reading Ubuntu : Desktop Shortcuts

Long boot after W10 update

The “Creators” update dubbed by Microsoft as being the latest big update to their heavy-lifting Windows 10 OS. Most of the new features are pretty obscure and won’t bring me any great enjoyment (other then being up-to-date, which seems to be pretty important in recent times). However, it seems it has “created” some problems of… Continue reading Long boot after W10 update

Ubuntu: indicator-multiload

indicator-multiload indicator-multiload is a small lightweight package found in Ubuntu to display different system IO graphs on the GUI menu bar. It’s really simple and lightweight, with numerous graphs and options to choose from!