Coloured SSH terminal – Ubuntu host

If you SSH into a remote Ubuntu terminal and do not see coloured text, here might be a solution. The problem is on the remote host, where bash is missing the profile and configuration for coloured commands. I will help fix this.

Connect via SSH to the remote host. You need to look for 2 hidden files in the user’s home directory.

  1. .bashrc
  2. .profile

You can check by issuing:

ls -la

If you do not see the aforementioned files, this might be an easy fix.

You should already have a default copy of .bashrc and .profile in a directory called /etc/skel/.

Simply issue these commands to copy them into your user’s home directory:

cp /etc/skel/.bashrc ~/
cp /etc/skel/.profile ~/

Now test this by logging out of your user/SSH and connecting again. Hopefully now you should have a colourful terminal!

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