Do you remember Xtree?

Back in the mid 90’s when my Dad was teaching me how to use DOS and install WIN NT4, a program he used really stuck in my mind. It wasn’t only because of what it did, but also what it looked like. With black screens and white text, when you first see a visual ‘colourful’ representation of files that you would normally navigate with many cd and dir commands (‘d’ probably being the most used character on a keyboard), it then starts to make sense.

Xtree made the navigation of dos file systems an easier task. GUI for the command line… wonderful!

Being (probably over) excited about being reunited with an old gem, I found a unix/linux version of xtree called unixtree. I’m still yet to get to a terminal and give it a go, but I bet it will not dissapoint! ?

You can find unixtree here

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