f2b-nuke | a fail2ban shell script

You will find the project on GitHub: f2b-nuke – GitHub

f2b-nuke is a gnu/linux shell script designed to easily and efficiently manipulate any given fail2ban jail, en masse. It is a fully interactive, CLI tool built to fulfill 2 tasks:

  • unbanning the contents of an entire jail whilst creating a backup list of all items
  • New: banning (or re-banning) an entire list of IPs to the specified jail.

As the use of fail2ban slowly diminishes, this script can be viewed as complete. I will continue to maintain the project through Github.


  • Misconfiguration/testing
  • Configuration/testing
  • Persistent bans might cause long shutdown/reboot times on limited resourced systems
  • As part of a maintenance routine


    1. I have read time and time again that using a password with SSH is not recommended.
      Obviously Fail2Ban will mitigate against bruteforce, and some might add a port knocker for another layer of protection, but this can come at a cost. (As I have seen on a budget VM)
      This answer seems to be better accepted: using key Auth (without the need of Fail2Ban on SSH)

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