fail2ban-nuke reban update

I have not forgotten this project. I have been slowly been adding to the shell script to include reban functionality to it behind the scenes. Overall, Reddit users gave it a warm reception (which I’m grateful for and have been really encouraged) but it has fallen by the wayside somewhat during my endevour to finish the CS50 course. Also there hasn’t been too much demand for this script either which also suggests that completeness can wait a little.

There is another fail2ban script that I would like to go ahead and write; automatically print the statuses of current jails on screen with one command. The script shall read input of the required jails from a file that can be edited by the user.

This script will save a lot of time, especially if there are many jails to check. Again, I’m sure that someone may find this useful, somewhere! I’ll post an update when this is closer to being published on github.

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