Learning Computer Science

Hi! Recently I’ve been submersed in all sorts of different C code. I’ve been taking the #CS50 computer sciences course online from Harvard through edx.org.
I had originally started the course last year (2016) but I really couldn’t find the time. It can take a while to complete the different sections of the course; I like to watch the lecture and create code of the “shorts” to better understand what the shorts are trying to explain. (this has become a really useful method of learning, but not required)

There are 12 weeks of lectures, packed with shorts and documentation and afterwards a couple of assignments to undertake and submit for scoring. Sometimes there are questions to complete (sometimes about something not yet touched on) and alot of the time you have to research to answer them. It can be time consuming, especially as it is a bit harder to converse with people online also taking the classes.

There is a subreddit dedicated for questions about specifics of the course, managed by some of the Harvard staff and more experienced or better progressed students can also help you with a query.

Overall, I’m really enjoying this experience, but I have to keep dedicating alot of time to get through the weeks, especially as the weeks go on. Hopefully this year will allow me to finish the course (unlike last year)
I’m currently working through week4!


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