Long boot after W10 update

The “Creators” update dubbed by Microsoft as being the latest big update to their heavy-lifting Windows 10 OS.

Most of the new features are pretty obscure and won’t bring me any great enjoyment (other then being up-to-date, which seems to be pretty important in recent times).

However, it seems it has “created” some problems of its’ own. After doing some housekeeping (updating to the new W10 update, updating drivers and applying a bios update), I noticed the boot process spending alot more time then it did previously.

At first it could have been a problem with UEFI after the bios update, but ruled it out when it eventually booted and didn’t prompt me to activate Windows again.

Did the bullet proofed CMD:

sfc /scannow

which eventually told me there were no issues to fix. After a bit of a google, there seems to be other people also experiencing the same issues after the update.
The winning article was a question on Microsoft support site which pointed the distressed user to a download called:

Windows Update Troubleshooter

(I won’t link you here, but you can find it through the official Microsoft support website)
This little file will easily fit on a floppy disk, 4 times!

Windows Update Troubleshooter

As you can see, it gives you 3 options, but the “Windows Update” option fixed my boot times. It fixed a corrupt file that sfc did not find (scarily).

I suppose a broken installation is not exactly what anyone wants to see after an update, but atleast there are some nice tools to help you find and fix problems. Good luck!

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