multi-search: tool for searching keywords on multiple websites



multi-search is a small GUI tool designed to search for a term or keyword on multiple websites.
It’s built in Python using the appJar GUI suite.
It’s intended as a tool for buyers or sellers to compare the price of an item, where comparison websites may fail for different reasons.
It can will save time, as well as passively suggesting different sites to search.
Additionally, the multi-search tool doesn’t attempt track or collect any user information.

The program is simple by design, which tries hard to be as quick and intuitive as possible.

multi-search main
multi-search program

After the “Sites to search” are selected in the dropdown, the URL links are presented for use.

multi-search results

There’s an additional option to automatically open the links in the web-browser.

How it works

It’s really simple. The program loads the site and search data from a “.txt” file.

It builds a URL string from the data and the search term provided.

It shows or opens the URL’s for the user!

Project State

Up to now in it’s current form, the program is completely useable, although still in its infancy.

Project Direction

  • Bundle the project for Windows and Linux, making it widely available

Where to download

The project is currently available at


  • 21/02/2018: Major Changes
    Added “multi-search.ini” to set user configurations
    Improved naming convention for site URLs – allowing for international support
  • 20/02/2018: Major Changes
    Added JSON support for REST API’s

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