SSH bruteforce; change in direction?

One thing that I like to do is read. Stephen King, probably makes up for the majority of fiction I’ve read. Closely followed by Andy McNab, Stieg Larsson and Dan Brown (in no particular order). I like non-fiction too but mainly in the sciences; our treasured Prof. Stephen Hawking (should be knighted), the great Carl… Continue reading SSH bruteforce; change in direction?

HDD benchmarks

Interested how a SATAII compared with a new SATAIII drive, I decided to do a quick benchmark to compare the results. In this benchmark I will be comparing the Kingston HyperX 120GB SSD (S-ATA III), Seagate ST3320613AS 320GB 7200-rpm 16mb cache (S-ATA II) and a¬†Western Digital Blue 2TB 5400-rpm 64mb cache (S-ATA III). I am… Continue reading HDD benchmarks

Playstation 4 HDD Upgrade

After much umm-ing and aar-ing about upgrading the PS4 hard-drive, the monumental amount of data I just delete to play something new has tipped the balance. I’m quite annoyed with the situation to be honest, when the PS4 was released, surely someone at Sony could have worked out the average amount of games someone would… Continue reading Playstation 4 HDD Upgrade