Ryzen Master causing instability

Through some rigorous troubleshooting steps on a Ryzen 1700x recently, I have discovered that Ryzen Master was the cause of instability.

I am unable to rule out the suggestion that RAM compatibility might be part of the issue, however many symptoms have been fixed after removing Ryzen Master from the system.


  • Stuttering/Choppiness during games
  • Random FPS drops during games
  • Crashes during games
  • General instability

RM was installed on the system as a tool to monitor temps and voltages and was not intended to overclock. Having a search around, I read that Ryzen Master (once installed) uses a “default” profile. The default profile apparently comes with an overclock (which I was unaware of)

After removing Ryzen Master from the system, games instantly ran as expected. CS:GO no longer randomly stutters or freezes. Overwatch is as smooth as silk.

I would actually go as far as to recommend not using Ryzen Master for anything. At all. Seriously..

Further Reading

I read a somewhere that Ryzen Master was used to overclock the CPU. The issue arose when they tried to reverse the overclock. RM apparently overrides BIOS settings so resetting the BIOS is futile.

After removing Ryzen Master from Windows, they found that the overclock was still active. Flashing the BIOS still didn’t help. The solution was to reinstall Windows as Ryzen Master settings (somewhere) were still changing BIOS settings when Windows has been booted.

Sure, this part of my post is heresay, however after learning of this experience and solving my own issue, I will be sure not to install RM again (even of it is purely for monitoring purposes). If you plan to overclock, go old school!

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