Server Musings

It has been a nice while since I had anything to report about the server. Nothing to report! Brilliant!
It has been running really stable with no issues and now seeing long up-times between the usual software and kernel updates.

It’s time, however that I started to think about the future. Time is slowly but surely ticking for the LTS support end date for Ubuntu 14.04, and now I need to put plans in place for a migration to the new system. I am a bit worried, however.

Ideally, I want wait for Ubuntu 18.04 to be released as it is a nice crossover point to make a jump from an ageing LTS to a brand new LTS. I’m worried because previous experiences will tell me that Ubuntu doesn’t like to be involved in major upgrades.
How my VPS host handles different kernels and OS images is also concerning.

My primary idea was to create a local installation, adapt it to the remote server’s configuration, upgrade databases, reinstall and reconfigure software and finally unpack everything remotely. I think that I would like to test it on a “spare” server some day, just to see if the process works. If so, it would be my #1 choice to upgrading the OS.

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