NGINX : failed (2: No such file or directory) in /etc/nginx/nginx.conf

My first configuration of an NGINX server left me high and dry for a while. Coming from an Apache back-ground (where everything is done for you), NGINX felt a little archaic at first.There was not much help out there for this issue so I will fill in the gap. The error (in this case) was… Continue reading NGINX : failed (2: No such file or directory) in /etc/nginx/nginx.conf

Linux vs Windows: Python Virtualenv

Although Virtualenv is available on both Linux and Windows, there are some differences that you may find useful to understand. Is there a difference to creating virtualenvs? No, creating virtualenvs in Windows and Linux is exactly the same. Can I use the same venv folder on both systems? No. You will need to create 2… Continue reading Linux vs Windows: Python Virtualenv

uhex – a CLi hex editor

A quick and easy to use CLi script to transform hex values into different data types. Current known limitations: Hex order : will only convert from Big-Endian hex orders Hex to int : will only convert hex to unsigned integers Known Issues: Hex to float not yet fully working The script is available from github… Continue reading uhex – a CLi hex editor

WordPress XMLRPC.php is now working!

I really like the additional features provided by the Jetpack plugin, and after the recent migration, it stopped working. I checked over permissions, .htaccess, WP configurations and even cross referenced some major server configs to try and figure it out. I remembered that I had this issue before and needed to install another module somewhere,… Continue reading WordPress XMLRPC.php is now working!


I was awoken today with a rather rude message indeed. An email from Jetpack plugin notifying me that the website was down. I often get this message at the most awkward of times, mainly whilst unable to log in to the server. Opening up the site¬†shows me an alarming message “Unable to contact database”…. the… Continue reading MYSQL Crashes… FIXED!