WordPress XMLRPC.php is now working!

I really like the additional features provided by the Jetpack plugin, and after the recent migration, it stopped working. I checked over permissions, .htaccess, WP configurations and even cross referenced some major server configs to try and figure it out.

I remembered that I had this issue before and needed to install another module somewhere, but unfortunately couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Looking at apache2 error logs, after several tries at linking to wordpress.com, and XML error showed up. A quick Google of this informed me of a PHP XML module.

The PHP module is needed to produce and receive the XML through the RPC API.

Since I’m using PHP 7.0, all I had to do was issue this command:

sudo apt install php7.0-xml

If your running a LAMP stack, you can change the version to your current PHP version, or simply:

sudo apt install php-xml

could work too (although some people have had issues with this “generic” module)

Restart Apache2 and you should be good to blog from anywhere!

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